Five Mood Boosting Foods

Try eating these to perk up your mood today!

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We all have those days where our mood is not right or in the dumps. Could it be the weather? Or could it be what we are putting in our mouths? Yes, food plays a part in our mood and eating the right foods can go a long way in boosting or heightening our mood. Here are five mood boosting foods that you should try eating today to perk up your mood.



Mood Boosting Food # 1- Turkey

Not just for Thanksgiving! Turkey should be a great addition to your weekly menu. It is packed with amino-acid rich Tryptophan. Why does your body need Tryptophan? Easy answer is that it is an amino-acid needed for normal growth in the body. Furthermore, it helps to make melatonin and Serotonin, two great regulators of your appetite, sleep and overall mood. Great reasons to start thinking differently about Turkey. Feeling stuck or bored of how you are making turkey? Here are 45 Turkey Recipes to Make Right Now!


Mood Boosting Food # 2- Lentils

Here is a super food that not many people think about but packs a big punch of Folate. A mighty and B for Bravo vitamin that is great at regulating our nervous system. Your nervous system is the major player in sending signals from your brain to the rest of your body. So, kinda of important if you ask us! Having low Folate in your diet may be why you feel depressed all the time. Think Lentil Soup for lunch or Red Lentil Curry or something decathen like Sweet Potato with Moroccan Lentils. A versatile food that you can use in several different ways. Looking to put your Lentil eating experience over the top. Try these 15 Best Lentic Recipes and eat more of this super folate giant.


Mood Boosting Food # 3: Eggs

You can fry them, boil them or Poach them! No matter how you do them, eggs are just great for you. Besides tasting great and let's face it, super easy and fast to make, eggs are loaded with protein, B12 and vitamin D. Open your fridge right now and stare down this superfood, then decide how you are going to make your egg today. Your nervous system will also do a happy dance once you pop that delicious egg into your mouth and bring on the Choline support. Find out What is Choline and why it matters. Doing your eggs the same way every time? Here are recipe ideas at Get Cracking that you can make anytime of the day. Eggs for dinner is not a crazy idea anymore!


Mood Boosting Food # 4: Mangoes

If you have never eaten a Mango or thought of eating a Mango, you have been missing out on a vitamin( C, A and B6) packed food that will only make you happy. Many varieties to choose from, all dripping sweet with that oh so important Tryptophan we mentioned at the top of the page. Juicy and mouth watering, mangoes are an exotic fruit that should become a regular part of your grocery buying habits. Not sure how to peel a mango or best ways to enjoy a mango? Go to How to eat a Mango? Then start dancing to a different kind of excitement in your mouth and in your spirit.



Mood Boosting Food # 5: Fish

Salmon, Tilapia, Sardines, Tuna.... so many options to choose from and choose them often to help you boost your mood. Fish are loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as Vitamin D and B2. They are also calcium and phosphorus rich and scaled to perfection in minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium and potassium. All of which play an important part in your brain health and balancing your mood. Not familiar with how you should handle fish? Here are 5 Impressive Ways to Clean A Fish


Note: If you are battling serious mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, seek medical attention. All the foods in our article are great they won't cure serious mental health issues. They can work hand in hand with what your doctor is doing with you. Strength is asking help, nothing weak about that. Reach out to someone you trust today.