5 Ways to Become More Optimistic About Your Life

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With all that we have had to endure as humans over the last two years, it seems Optimism is an elusive love bug that doesn't seem to bite anymore or often. The Cambridge Dictionary defines Optimism as " the quality of being full of hope and emphasizing the good parts of a situation, or a belief that something good will happen."  The good news is that becoming more optimistic about your life can be a learned behavior in which intentional acts become necessary. Here are 5 Ways to Become More Optimistic.

Seek out humor

One of the best ways to create optimism in your life is to always seek out things that are funny or humorous.  For example, think carefully about your life right now and think of one or two things that you can laugh about. Was it a horrible date you went on but now thinking back on it, you can now laugh about it?  Or was it that Zoom meeting job interview that did not go so well. Furthermore, seeking out the humor in your everyday life situations is a great way to create optimism. Another equally important aspect, is that humor forces us to see the positive side of what we are experiencing.  Moreover, laughter triggers some pretty good physical responses in your body, such as stimulating your heart, lungs and muscles and sending endorphins that are released by your brain.  Cause and effect of laughter and positivity are well documented. So find time to laugh more.

Find the Lesson

In Addition to seeking humor, finding the lessons in your difficult situation is a sure way to turn a negative situation into a positive outlook. If you focus on what was so bad about your experience or experiences, you will miss the life lesson or what was positive about it. Finding the life lesson allows you to see what could be possible if you applied what you just learned. Seeing what is possible creates an optimistic outlook to your future self.

Practice Visualization

Optimism can be created in the boldness of your mind. Practice seeing what you would like to happen in your life. Visualize it daily until it becomes your reality. The mind is the most powerful muscle and is oftentimes under utilized. Practice seeing your goals come to life. Tell your brain that it has already happened. See yourself getting that promotion at work. Or losing weight or finding the partner of your dreams. A great way to practice visualization is through Meditation. In our eBook: A Beginner's Guide to Meditation, we introduce our members to this ancient but effective tool.

Associate correctly

One of the ways in which we kill our optimism is by hanging around negative people. People who love being in the valley- they thrive on it, and love to keep you there too with them. Associate yourself with the correct kind of people. People who enjoy optimism. People who will challenge you to be your best and actually want the best for you. Positive and optimistic people shed off an energy that is oftentimes very contagious. Seek out these kinds of people often!

Values Check

Lastly, are you not very optimistic because you are not living through your values? Are you falling short on your goals because your values are out of alignment with what you are trying to accomplish? We tap into this in our VSAAA mini Course- how to uncover and name your values and live through them to create a more successful outcome in your life. Make optimism a way of life. Engrain it into everything you do, your belief system and your actions. 

At Next Level Gurus, we help our members focus on a solution- driven path that promotes their self- growth plan. We encourage you to incorporate values that DO NOT focus on your past.  We encourage optimism as a personal development skill. Where you are right now is where you need to be. Fuel that with wisdom and an understanding that inaction is a product of knowledge not yet tweaked. Join our community by clicking the link below.