• What is Life Coaching?

    Find out more about the power of Life coaching. What is it? What it is not?

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    Life Coaching

    A partnership with you in a thought-provoking and creative process.

    Coaching helps to move you from one place in your life to another more desired place. In order to do so, the coaching relationship adopts the idea that the client has all the answers within them. It is the coach's job to help you move more quickly and more efficiently in getting to where you would like to be. Coaching is a dynamic process that can be life changing and transformative. It EMPOWERS! IT UNLOCKS! IT CHANGES!


    At Next Level Gurus, we believe that everyone can Become The Guru in Their Life. A master of their values, beliefs and goals. We can help you get to there sooner. We never focus on your past, where you are right now and where you want to be is what drives us. JOIN OUR COMMUNITY today!

    A great coach helps you to achieve your desired goals.

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    How does Life coaching work?

    It is a process that focuses on Solutions instead of Problems

    A typical coaching session is broken down in steps, all aimed at allowing you to achieve your goals. In the session, a coach will first create a position of acknowledgement and sharing in an effort to increase rapport. Next, a coach will establish a contract or a mini-goal to allow you establish what the best use of your time with them. It is a clear understanding of what you would like to achieve by the end of the session. Then a coach will initiate a framework in which your goals(bigger goals) are established. The coach will help you to ensure that your goals are stated in a positive way. The coach will establish if your goals are within your control and also establish if your goal is S.M.A.R.T.(Click here to learn how to create SMART goals). The coach will then create an experience for you by inviting you to participate in a number of tools, strategies or processes. Next, you are invited to provide some actionable steps for your goal or goals. This is where you will state your commitment or what you will do to achieve your goals. The coach will then invite you to share in a statement of value- what was positive about your session? What did you learn? And all roads then leads to appreciation, acknowledgement and celebration.

    What Life Coaching is NOT?

    • Judgmental
    • Coaches do not tell you what to do or give advice.
    • Coaches are not therapists and do not treat mental health issues(addiction, severe depression, severe anxieties, phobias, heavy trauma or destructive or abusive behaviors)

    What should you look for in a Life Coach?

    Not all Life Coaches are created equally. There are many things that you should be looking for in any Life Coach. Use our Life Coaching Checklist to make sure you have the right Life Coach for you. Not all Life Coach qualificatons will match your personality. Know what to look for- Click here.

    How much does Life Coaching cost?

    One on One Coaching varies and can costs anywhere from $60/hour up to $2000/ hour. We have taken the edge off the costs with offering you the same POWERFUL and TRANSFORMATIONAL Coaching tools and mini courses in our Members Only DIY coaching section. Everything included with your FREE Membership. You can also check out our NLG Store for some transformational DIY coaching tools and template.

    Will Next Level Gurus(NLG) offer one-on-one Coaching?

    As our network and community grows, yes, we will eventually offer one-on-one coaching. Members will get special offers and early access to the variety of coaches that we will have available to them. Another great perk to Joining our community. Click the link below to Join.

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