5 Ways to know if your values are aligned with your goals!

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What are values?

Most people don't make a conscious effort to think abou their defined values! What does this mean? Our values respresent a set of rules that we choose to live by. Most of us operate with those values on a sub-conscious level, not really thinking about how they affect and direct our actions and our progress in life. In our VSAAA mini course, we dive deeper into this topic but here are 5 Ways to know if your values are aligned with your goals.

You live guilt free

When you are living through your values, you live a more guilt free existence. When your values and your actions are not in alignment, you start to think about all the things that you should have done differently. You start to create a sense of guilt which only escalates your feeling of underachievement. Guilt brings on shame and feelings of doing something wrong. It keeps you down and makes you feel like you can't do anything right.

You see results

Many people miss the connection between values and results. They are absolutely correlated. Living through your values means that you are taking the necessary steps and actions to achieving your goals. Having a set of values helps to light the fire and ignite your passion. They pave the way to creating personal development activities that are results oriented.

You change your negative beliefs

Another big aspect of how we live through our values in our belief system. It is a system that is defined quite early and sets the tone for how we live and see the world.  In our Belief System mini course, we show you how to make the connection to what you believe and how they are impacting your values. As you progress in growth, your values can also evolve along with changing any negative beliefs that you are carrying with you. 

You are solutions oriented

A lot of people complain about what is wrong in their lives but stop short of what they will and should do about it. Aligning your values to your goals means that you focus on what the solution should be not what the problem is. For example, say you want to lose 40 lbs. You constantly complain to family and friends about how fat you feel. Yet, you never exercise! You never eat an ounce of vegetables or do anything that would help you lose weight. You are so focused on feeling fat that you neglect any kind of solution to helping you lose the weight. When values and goals are in alignment, you start to shift the way you speak. So instead of complaining about being fat, you start talking about your progress/solutions. You might say things like: "I took a Zumba class last week and I feel fantastic, I think I lost about 2 pounds that week." The people around you see you now as a solutions driven person instead of the "negative Susie or Sally or Nancy." You get the point, no offence to the Sallys and Susies or Nancys of this world.

You feel empowered

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines empowerment as the "the granting of the power, right, or authority to perform various acts or duties." It is an absolute feeling of elation when empowerment becomes part of your DNA. It bonds to your agility, your wants and your desires. Living through your values creates an empowerment that becomes the catalyst for all future goals. It rivals your inhibitions and dampen your fears. It is like a breath of fresh air! It is like a child learning to walk for the first time- that excelerating feeling of knowing you can do anything. That is the power of Empowerment.

At Next Level Gurus, we help our members focus on a solution driven path that promotes their self growth plan. We encourage you to incorporate values that DO NOT focus on your past. Where you are right now is where you need to be. Fuel that with wisdom and an understanding that inaction is a product of knowledge not yet tweaked. Join our community by clicking the link below.