5 Ways to Shift Your Mindset and Embrace A Positive Outlook!

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The way we think about life and the people around us shapes everything that we do and how we act. Having the right mindset is essential to changing your situation, allowing you to accomplish your goals. In this post, we will give you 5 Ways to Shift Your Mindset and Embrace a Positive Outlook. Change that will allow you to see your world in a whole new light.

Adjust your internal dialogue

If negative thoughts keep creeping into your head, you are the one allowing them. The internal dialogue that you have with yourself sets the tone for how you view the world and what actions you take. For example, Sarah is always telling herself how ugly she is. Everytime, she looks in the mirror, she says to herself. "I'm hideous, no man is going to want me." With this type of internal dialogue. She is telling herself something that is most definetely not true. In order for Sarah to find a partner worthy of her time, she will have to adjust her internal dialogue and tell herself something else. Something like: "I love me"  or "I am beautiful" or "Any man would be lucky to have my kindness in his life." In our course: Learning to change your belief system and create your ESL, we teach you how to shift your internal dialogue/ belief system and create a more empowering way of seeing yourself.

Challenge Your Thoughts

The key to challenging your thoughts is to become honest with yourself. Ask yourself the difficult questions in order to find out why you believe the things that you do. Why do you have negative thoughts? When did you start to have negative thoughts? Are your negative thoughts a product of your childhood or something else? The other aspect of challenging your thoughts is to put them to the test. Logically, do they make any sense? Are you seriously the worst person you think you are? The answer will unoquicially be "No." You are valuable and worthy of everything life has to offer. Challenge negative thoughts and kick them to the curb.

Make happiness your responsibility

Many times, we falsely believe that "being happy" is the responsibility of someone else. We say things like "he or she makes me so happy." or "I am so happy when I am with you." Giving someone else the responsibility for your happiness is not a productive mindset. You have to shift away from thinking that others are going to make you happy. Instead, focus on ways that you can bring happiness or joy into your own life. Furthermore, once you make this shift, it will almost seem as if the people around you become this accessory to your already happy driven life. Then, you will start to enjoy them more because the burden of your happiness is no longer their problem. 

Redefine and name your values

What are your values? Can you name them right now? Many people have this glossed over idea of what they believe in. There is lack of consciousness about naming your values. We dive deeply into this in our VSAAA mini course. Once you are able to pin down which values are important to you, then you are forced to adjust your mindset and embrace ideas and goals that are in alignment with your values. For example, Sam is a 39 year old  Lawyer who used to think that having lots of money would make him happy. The more money he made, the more unhappy he became. He knew money was a necessary part of living but working 50 hours a week was not making him super happy. One day, he sat down with a Life Coach and they did a values assessment created by Next Level Gurus. He realized that the three times a year that he was volunteering at his local church made him feel more fulfilled than most of his workdays. He still needed money to survive but he realized that his first definition of what was important to him: Wealth or Economic motivators were not serving him well. It wasn't until he made the shift in his values to that of Community/ Family/ Connection that he was able to change his situation. Sam is still practicing law, but now he doesn't see the need to work 50 hours, he now focuses on finding a more meaningful journey. Naming his values allowed him to create a different mindset and ultimately a different outcome in his life.

Focus on a Self Improvement Plan

You would be surprised how many people overlook self improvement and personal growth. Negative people will stay negative unless something jars them into thinking something else.  Commit to learning more about yourself.  Most people don't want to put in the hard work that change sometimes takes. The best decisions that you can make will come from a place of insight, not a place of status quo. When you stay in the darkness, your light will never flicker on. Reading books, taking courses or watching videos that allow you to challenge yourself is part of a  Self Improvement Plan. Ask yourself: when was the last time you grew as a person? What are you doing daily, weekly or monthly to grow? If you can't think of anything, then your mindset will always feel stuck.


At Next Level Gurus, we help our members focus on a solution- driven path that promotes their self- growth plan. We encourage you to incorporate values that DO NOT focus on your past.  We encourage a mindset shift as part of your self development plan. Where you are right now is where you need to be. Fuel that with wisdom and an understanding that inaction is a product of knowledge not yet tweaked. Join our community by clicking the link below.