How to create a mind map in 2024?

How to use them to achieve your goals?

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Table of contents:

  1. What is a mind map?
  2. Who uses a mind map?
  3. What are the benefits of doing a mind map?
  4. How to create a mind map?
  5. How can mind maps help you achieve your goals?
  6. Summary

What is a Mind Map?

A Mind Map is a diagram used to visually organize thoughts and ideas. Mind Maps uses a central theme or topic to map out related relationships. They often look like a tree like structure that spreads out like branches from a central idea or hub. Using mind mapping as a tool for success has been used for years and I am going to show you how you can use them too for success. In this blog post, I will explore: who uses a mind map? What are the benefits of using a mind map? How to create a mind map? I will also explore how you can use mind maps to achieve your goals?

Who Uses a Mind Map?

A Mind map can be used by anyone wanting to create a visual representation of their thoughts or goals. They can be used for personal uses as well as professional uses. There's mind mapping for business, mind mapping for writers and mind mapping for students. They can be used for studying as they are great at organizing and building upon a central theme. The point is that the use of mind maps have endless applications and uses. Think of them as a brainstorm map. They can help to elevate your thoughts and ideas and set you up for better and greater things.

What are the benefits of using a Mind Map?

There are several benefits of using a mind map! Here are 8 great benefits of using a mind map.

1. Create more organized thoughts

Mind maps are a great way for you to organize your thoughts and ideas into a visual representation of those thoughts and ideas. In creating a mind map, you are forced to create a flow of ideas from a central theme or thought. Therefore, making your thoughts more organized.

2. They help with memory

Not only do they help you to organize your thoughts better but they are also great at helping you remember information better. For this reason, students use them often to study and remember complex information and processes.

3. They speed up learning

By their mere nature of organization and creating organized and related relationships, mind maps help to speed up the learning process. They are great at helping you to understand what you are learning in a more expeditious manner.

4. Breakdown complexity

Mind maps are great at breaking down complex information because they drill down from the central theme or idea. This allows you to create a drill down effect. They are great at helping you break down your ideas into sub categories that are easier to undertand. Thus creating tree like branches stemming from your thoughts.

5. Creates visual representations

Most people are visual in how they like to receive and retain information. Mind maps caters to this by giving you a really good picture of what you are trying to understand. Think of a traditional map and how great they are at showing geographically where you are. Mind maps do the same by mapping out the thoughts or ideas in your head visually.

6. Creates better productivity

Better productivity comes from a culmination of all of the points above. More organized thoughts means better management of time. As your memory increases, so does the time it takes you to plan and accomplish things. Speed up learning means that you grasp things faster, therefore, creating a faster more productive day. Mind maps are essential in speeding up productivity which has a ripple effect overall.

7. Taps into creativity

How to create a mind map?

How to create a mind map is relatively easy because they are customizable and stem from your understanding of your central theme or idea. They can go from the simple and range to the more complex or more developed mind maps. Below is how to do a map in two different ways. Both employ the same theme- a central idea/thought with branches or trees. You can use a mindmap software or you can use Canva or Microsoft Word or Google docs. See the video below on how to use Canva or Google docs to create your mind map.

Simple Mind Map Example

Example of a simple mind map

Example of a more complex mind map

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You can also create a mind map using Google Docs, watch the video below to see how easy it is to do.

How can mind maps help you achieve your goals?

For various reasons outlined in this post, mind maps are an excellent tool for helping you organize your thoughts. The possibilities are substantial when using mind maps to better understand and organize your goals. Before you jump into creating a mind map for your goals, you must first ensure that you are creating goals using the SMART Goal creation worksheet to get you started. Click here for a simple template to guide your goal creation. Here are 3 ways that you can use mind maps to help you achieve your goals:

First, use mind maps to carefully organize every aspect of your goal. In our video, how to do a mind map using canva? We show you how Sally used mind maps to organize how she would like to get out of debt. You can get a Free Canva account by clicking here and follow along with our example.

Second, use the process driven nature of mind maps to drill down every aspect of your goal creating a more detailed and specific plan of action. We outline this in How to do a mind map?

Third, use mind maps to create a blueprint for all your goals. Once you do them for one goal, just repeat the process for each goal that you want to accomplish. You will find that doing this will create better productivity and allow you to really focus on what you would like to accomplish.

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To sum everything up, mind maps are a great way for you to capture your thoughts and your goals visually. They have many different applications and can be used by a cross spectrum of individuals. Whether it be personal or professional. Mind mapping can be simple or more complex depending on what you are trying to accomplish. If you have never done a mind map before, 2024 is a great year to get familiarized with them. They can not only help you be more productive but also help you to accomplish your goals.

Let us know if you need help on how to construct a mind map? Send us some of your brilliant mind maps. Take the NLG mind map challenge. #NLGmindmapchallenge. Show us how you have used mind maps for either studying, sales pitches or event planning.


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