3 Things you Need To Start a Sublimation Printing Business

What you need to start your business in 2023!

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If you are thinking of starting a business, either to finish off the 2022 year or start fresh in 2023, a Sublimation Printing Business is one of the best ones to start. This kind of business has great profit potential and does not require lots of capital or money to get you going. With any business, you have to figure out what you will need to ensure that you will be successful. Here are 3 Things You Need to Start a Sublimation Printing Business.

A Business Plan

Every business needs a plan no matter what you are doing and this business is no different. Having a business plan will allow you to map out every aspect of your business and create a blueprint for success. A good business plan will have the following elements:

Business Description-A description of your business including what you are planning on calling it.

Market and competitor analysis- who are the players in the current market and how does your company stack up against them. How will you be positioned in the sublimation printing business market?

Unique Competitive Edge- What makes you different from your competitors? Will you offer free shipping or free designs?

Marketing Plan- How will you market your business? What are your Sales and Marketing Goals? How will you accomplish your goals? Who will you target in your marketing? Will you use traditional print advertising? WIll you use Social Media? The marketing plan details how you plan on getting the word out about your business and accomplishing your goals.

Legal Structure- How will your business be legally structured? Will you operate as a sole proprietor? Through a partnership or set your company up as a corporation?

Human Resources Plan- What is your current skill set? Will you need to hire people to help you in your business? How will you motivate and keep employees that you hire? Who would take over your business if something was to happen to you or what is your succession plan?

Financial and Operational Analysis- How much will it cost to operate your business? What equipment will you need? Below are some common equipment items for this type of business.

To help you get started, here is a Free Business Plan Template- Free to edit, download and print from Lawdepot.ca


You will need the following items to run your Sublimation Printing Business:

Computer- get a reliable and efficient computer. One that won't be too slow or slow you down while you are working. If you already have a great computer, just use what you have. No need to go out and buy another one.

Photo Editing Software- You will need to get an editing software such as photoshop. Which will allow you to change and or adjust your images before printing. Photoshop will allow you to manipulate the image and make it exactly how you want it.

Printer- You will need a good printer for your sublimation business. There are several brands out there such as Epson, HP, RICOH and canon. Research them all and pick one that will handle the level of business activity you plan on having and always go for value not just cost. Which one will give you the best value over time for your budget?

Sublimation Ink- You will need to use sublimation ink when printing, not just regular ink. If you are looking for affordable Sublimation Ink, Koala is the way to go. They also have Free Shipping on orders over $39.00

Sublimation paper- You can't have a sublimation business without sublimation paper- obvious enough! Again, a great source for sublimation paper is Koala, they have a variety of paper to match different kinds of printers. You can choose Glossy or Matte finish depending on what you are printing.

Heat Press Machine- After you have printed on your sublimation paper, you will need a way to transfer what you have printed to the product you are printing on. Get a heat press machine that will work with your business plan. Are you doing your business from home? Then space might be an issue- get one that will fit into your space. Also, get a heat press machine that is easy to use, especially if you are just starting out. You don't want anything complicated and must also align well with your goals.

Sublimation Blanks- Sublimation Blanks are templates or items that come blank as the name suggests allowing you to transfer unto them. You can get keychains, photo panels, mugs or mouse pads.

Heat Tape/Spray- Heat tape or spray will prevent your transfer from shifting around on your sublimation blanks.


Starting any business is difficult, you will have days where nothing is happening or not what you want to happen. This is where patience comes in. Will you stick to the business plan or make adjustments when needed? Will you wait for your business to take off and not just give up on it? You need patience to be able to understand that your business will not take off overnight. Also keep your goals visible allowing you to see what you are working towards. Whatever you do, don't give up and stick to your plan. Eventually, your Sublimation Printing Business will take off.

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