5 Traits of An Asymmetric Investor(AI)  

Find out how this kind of investing can help you sleep better at night!

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If you are new to the investing world like most people, Asymmetry as it pertains to investing is probably a word you have never heard before? What is an Asymmetric investment strategy? How does one know if their portfolio is Asymmetric or if they can become an Asymmetric Investor? There are a number of factors that go into this strategy and in order to do it well, having some guidance is super important.

What is Asymmetric Investing?

Asymmetry investing is when the potential upside of your investment position far exceeds the potential downside of your investment position. Keeping risks low while getting high returns. Sounds logical and easy enough but not everyone understands how best to ensure that they can get success by following this strategy. How do you know if you can handle Asymmetric investing?

Here are 5 traits that an Asymmetric Investor(AI) will have:

They understand long-term vs. short-term behavior- An AI knows that long-term is the name of the game that leveling out the ups and the downs takes time

They know the difference between investing and trading- An AI knows that investing and trading are two different things. It is not just dipping in and out or trading based on your emotions.

They know the difference between value and price- An AI will focus on the value of something rather than what it costs.

They seek wisdom and knowledge wherever possible- An AI invests in gaining knowledge, they use the best resources to help them make smart decisions.

They hold their position- An AI will only change their position if the individual stock changes their position.

Who is best to guide you into Asymmetric Investing?

If you are new to this strategy and or thinking about getting into Asymmetric Investing, it is best to start with people that know what they are doing or folks that specialize in this strategy. One of the best firms doing this kind of strategy is Capitalist Exploits, they provide Asymmetric Investment ideas from around the world. They also have a newsletter called the Insider Newsletter that is targeted to newbies or individuals with lower net worths, giving them the knowledge and ability to invest like their higher net worth clients. We recently signed up for their newsletter. They start you off with a $1 trial, then $35 a month after the trial , allowing you to see the kind of information that they send out on a regular basis to their high net worth clients. The information that we have seen in the Insider Newsletter is well worth what they are charging. They provide us with market content that is very educational without all the boring investment jargon that most average people don't get anyway. They also boast about 300% returns for their clients- we think this is HUGE! Click here to start your $1 trial, like us, you won't regret it.

May the Asymmetry be with you, let us know about your investing journey. We love hearing about what you have to say or bring to the table. Become The Guru In Your Life today, join our community.

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