5 Secrets to Finding balance in your life

How to balance work, relationships and fun!

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How does imbalance disrupt your life?
  3. 7 Key questions to explore when finding balance
  4. Conclusion


When it comes to finding balance in our lives, it is not always easy. Does something seem as if it is missing in your life? Do you feel as if you have it all but still feel empty or that something is missing at the end of the day? Do you feel as if there are not enough hours in your day? If you are asking yourself these questions, then finding balance in your life this year should be of paramount interest. Finding balance will not only move you towards better Zen or happiness but it will allow you to live a life that has more purpose and is more meaningful.

How does imbalance disrupt your life? Here are two major ways!

Poor Health

Imbalance is a key disrupter of your health and wellness. Stress and anxiety is not only a mental manifestation of the imbalances in your life but it will also affect you physically as well. If you are stressed out, chances are you are also not sleeping well. Without proper sleep then your body cannot function as it should and then it becomes a matter of time before it breaks down. Fatique and general tiredness will also eventually lead to overall diminished health

Lack of Time

Finding balance means creating time for all the things that are important to you. The imbalance in your life creates time gaps between being able to do what you like and not accomplishing anything each day. Lack of time also means missing out on time spent with family and friends.

The good news is that your life does not have to become a victim to imbalance. There are ways that you can go about finding the balance you need in your life. Click here to read the full version of 5 Secrets to Finding Balance. But here are some key questions that you can explore when trying to find the balance in your life.

Question # 1: How do I choose my own set of values and priorities?

This is a key question because once examined it will allow you to shift your thinking toward a life based on your values and priorities instead of what others want you to do. Evaluating your values is an exercise that most people should partake in as your values will shift or change as you get older and have a family. In our VSAA mini-course available for free to our members, we show how to uncover and name your values. How to create SMART goals and connect them to your values? This free course also dives into how to take action steps or baby steps to achieve better results.

Question # 2: How do I balance my career without giving over my whole life to work?

For many, this one is a true struggle. You want to get ahead in your career, which means putting in long hours. But, you also have a family or want to do other things with your life besides the pursuit of work. What steps can you take that will allow you to stop working so much and enjoy other aspects of your life.

Milestones are important and if you are not careful or not mindful, you can miss a lot of them. Such as first steps, first dance recitals, or graduation. Finding balance in your life will allow you never to miss those important milestones that happen all the time in your family.

Having a relationship with your friends and family is one thing but to bring it up a notch to create more meaning in those relationships is another thing. It is important to understand the true difference between quality and quantity time. For example, if you take your daughter to the Zoo for a couple of hours but the entire time, you spend it on your phone or talking to your colleagues at work. You did spend time with her, but it is almost as if it didn't happen. Making time to be present and in the moment is more meaningful than just showing up.

As mentioned before, health and wellness is one of the major keys to finding balance in your life. It is important to understand why and how you can promote health and wellness starting immediately in your life. As humans, we always think that we have more time on this planet than we actually do. Focus on areas in your life where you can take care of yourself. A better you is better for everyone in your life.

Incorporating hobbies and free time into your finding balance plan is super important for many reasons. Hobbies give us a sense of purpose outside of our current work or family life. They allow for better health which ultimately leads to a reduction in our stress level. Hobbies also helps to build our confidence, which is a known productivity booster in life and at work. A hobby or activity such as Yoga for example have been known to promote better health and peace of mind. Yoga is also known to be transformational, creating serenity and calmness to those that practice it. If you are new to Yoga and don't know where to start- don't worry, you can read The Yoga Guidebook to help you get started. So finding balance does not mean giving up your hobby or taking free time for yourself. It means doing something that promotes greater connection to others.

Question # 7: How do I create an action plan to promote finding balance in my life?

Without action, finding balance in your life will become just a fantasy. Having an action plan means doing things deliberately and consistently to enforce a life of balance. Whether you schedule your balance using a planner or schedule it on your phone, you will need a plan that you are comfortable with allowing you to stick to it. To get more out of your action plan, read 5 Secrets to Finding Balance, you will not regret it.


Finding balance is not easy. It takes a conscious effort on your part to put in the work to create the balance that you require. Evaluating your current state of balance is super important. It allows you to ask key questions that will ultimately lead you to finding out what it takes to create a balance in all aspects of your life. Your personal questions should center around your own personal journey and allow you to create an action plan that will make you feel like you are finally in a good space in your life.

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