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    We believe that everyone deserves a chance at greatness. We focus on where you are right now and where you want to be in your future. Whether you are looking for self help books for women or self-help books for men, we have them here as part of our membership community.


    At Next Level Gurus, we focus on offering you a robust platform packed with all you need to learn new things. We believe that learning and gaining knowledge is the key to improving anyone's life.


    All of our courses, tips, eBooks, articles, videos, and coaching advice are all included with your exclusive membership.

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    Access to the best self-help books covering 4 main areas: Business & Finance, Health & Wellness, Careers & Employment, Coaching & Mentoring.

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    Michael D- Toronto, ON

    "I just want to say how grateful I am for this community. I have learned so much. I was starting to go out on job interviews and the tips in here help me get the job I interviewed for. I am looking forward to exploring everything the community has to offer."

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    Lisa M- Calgary, AB

    "Hands down the best personal development platform I have joined. I tried coaching before and like that it is included in my membership."

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    Marcus W- Atlanta, GA

    I was incarcerated for 4 years and was lost when I got out. I found this site and it helped me land my first job. Love the VSAAA coaching mini course...it really helped me to see myself different and how I approach the future. Ain't going back is my motto.

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    Wesley T- Montreal, Canada

    As a small business owner, I signed up for the Business and Finance section but found myself learning so much more about myself through the other sections. Love this site!

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    Manny, Thunder Bay, ON

    I joined this platform last week and the amount of things I've learned is fantastic. Great job to the NLG team for putting this together.

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    Become the Guru in your life!

    Love to Learn

    Practical Courses, eBooks, tips, articles you can use

    Access to a vast amount of information that you can use to improve your life or your employment opportunities. Advance your personal growth plan. Having the kind of knowledge we want to give you will only open up so many doors and opportunities for you. Whether it is a better job or stronger more goal oriented version of yourself-you will thank us.

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    Engage with others in our community

    Next Level Gurus is all about forming great relationships. We will try our best to introduce you to some really cool people. A network that will also help you grow in your knowledge as well. Stay tuned!

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    Our site is FREE, Absolutely free! All you have to do is sign up to gain access to our knowledge base. You more you know the better you become at making decisions. Seeking wisdom is the first good choice you will ever make.

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    What will you learn? Who will you become?

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    Benefit from our vast knowledge base to help you manage or learn more about business and your finances. We act as business coaches for entrepreneurs or the would be entrepreneurs. We couple that with personal development activities. For example, find out how you can develop your financial IQ or learn about Real Estate Investing secrets. Whether it is for your business or for personal gain, this Business & Finance section will help you advance your personal growth plan. Think of us as your intuitive business coach.

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    We feel this is probably the most important part of our community. Your Health & Wellness. We tackle your fears and how to overcome them. We show you how to bounce back from failure and pursue your dreams. Exercise programs and how to do them safely. Having a self improvement plan is so important in enhancing your health and wellness. We can help you get there!

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    Ever want some tried and true career and employment advice? We have that here too. Find out how to write a eye catching resume. How to prepare for your dream job and how to make yourself invaluable to any employer? How to improve yourself professionally? Easy, commit to upgrading your skills and learning from others what has worked before? Wouldn't it be nice to also have personal development plans for work?

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    This is our sweet spot, we have created a thought provoking place equipped with the tools you need to Transform your life. To focus on the present, and not look back. Your past is not important to us. We care about where you are right now and where you want to be. We act as your personal growth coach offering you a DIY coaching process allowing you to change your perspective.

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    We value our members and what they have to say. We also value your feedback, not only about us but about you. Send us your successes. They make our hearts sing. Don't forget to talk about your failures too. We can all learn from them because they are are part of life. So never leave them out of your journey. We also want to see if there is anything we can do to help you get back up.

    We value your voice and your input- and the minute you join, we welcome you with open arms. Your voice will be what makes Next Level Gurus a dynamic platform. We are inclusive and want a variety of people from all walks of life.

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