5 Things to do when you hate your job!

Simple things you can do that are in your control.

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If you wake up everyday and you hate what you do or where you work, then it is time to do something about it. Ask yourself: what else should I be doing? How can I transition into what I really love doing? What is holding me back from figuring out my true potential? There is of course no easy answer to any of these questions, but you have to start somewhere. The idea that everyday you are miserable should be concerning to you. Concerning enough for you to take action. Here are 5 Things to do when you hate your job!

Evaluate your values

The reason why you might be stuck in a job that you don't enjoy is because what you believe in and what you are doing are not in alignment. It might be a good time to figure out How your Values Are affecting Your Goals. Time to ask yourself, am I living through my values? Maybe you haven't even thought of identifying what your values are in the first place, allowing you to have this disconnect between what you believe in and what you are doing.

Evaluate your hold

Evaluating your hold means that you need to take a good look at what is really holding you back from being in the career or job that you would love. Are you in your current job because of the status quo? You have gotten into a routine and stepping into a new career would disrupt your current rut. Are suffering from imposter syndrome? Thinking that you are not good enough or would never be successful if you tried a new career? Whatever it is, you need to find out. What is your hold?

Seek Wisdom/Mentorship

You have all heard the saying: "You don't know what you don't know." It speaks to the fact that ignorance can be what is holding you back. When was the last time you took a course or read a book that would help you in your desired career. Take Sally for example, a 35 year old married accountant who can hold a note better than Mariah Carrey( as per her friends anyway). She is good at accounting but singing is her true passion. Obviously, she is a number cruncher and she knows that the money she makes with accounting pays all her bills. The uncertainty of stepping out of her comfort zone frightens her. The point is that instead of being crippled by fear of the unknown, Sally should find out instead what she can do while maintaining her comfort(accounting) to work on her passion in the meantime. Her first step was signing up with a music/vocal coach. Someone who can access her talent and guide her through whether singing as a career would be viable for her at her age. Someone who can teach her new things and better prepare her. Seeking wisdom and expanding your knowledge base can never be overrated. Becoming the guru in your life should be at the top of your career expansion goals. Here are 7 Traits of Successful people. Find out what they all have in common.

Review your resume

If you think that it is time to find a new job in your desired field, then it is time to take a look at your resume. You might have to completely redo your resume so that your skills are showing more specific to the field that you want to be in. You will need a resume that will get you the new job. It might take an effort in creativity for you to show your future employer that the skills that you currently have are transferable to your new career. But the first step is to get a resume review. This will allow you to stand out from the crowd and get noticed faster.

Take Action

There is nothing worse than inaction especially when you are feeling unhappy. The worst thing you can do is not act on what you know needs to happen. You have created a new resume or have reviewed and tweaked your current resume- now what? Did you start sending it out? Are you brushing up on your interviewing skills? Have you followed up with any companies that you have sent your resumes to? In order for you to shift from your misery to a state of happiness, ACTION needs to be a big part of your plan.