5 Ways to Cut your Grocery Bill and Save during rising costs!

Use these tips and save hundreds on your grocery bill!

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We are all feeling the pinch lately on our household budgets when it comes to the rising costs of groceries. The price of everything is up, including our food. So what can we do to help with the rising costs of inflation? Here are 5 Grocery Saving Tips to Help with the rising costs due to Inflation!

Tip # 1: Plan Ahead

This tip is crucial to saving money on our grocery bill. Planning ahead not only means creating a list of grocery items that you NEED to buy but also going through your pantry to take a good inventory of what you really need to buy. We are all guilty of buying the same item at the grocery store and then realize that we already have 5 of them already in the pantry. Take a full inventory of what you already have, this way you only buy what you actually need. 

Tip # 2: Purge the Pantry

This tip goes hand in hand with the first tip. Do an inventory first of your pantry before going to the store. Then go one step further than that by using up what you already have in your pantry before adding anything new. Find out what kind of creative meals you can make with what you currently have. If you don't have much or anything in your pantry, then go to tip # 3. 

Tip # 3: Stick to a list

Before you step foot into the grocery store, make a list. Be as thorough as possible, so that you are not tempted to add things that are not on the list. Bring a pen with you and check off each item as you put them into your cart. Don't overbuy, instead stick to whatever budget that you have in mind. There is always a temptation for you to buy items on sale but STOP and ask yourself: "Even though this is on sale, do I really need it?" The answer is most likely always "NO" Stick to your list and you will only buy what you need. 

Tip # 4: Stockpile with Caution

Stockpiling is the process of buying grocery items that you use regularly while they are on sale or at a deep discount. Stockpiling is a great concept but if you don't do it properly, it could end up costing you more upfront. You should definitely buy things when they are on sale, but also keep your current budget in mind. Can you afford to stockpile for a particular week? Will buying too much of a particular impact your ability to buy other things on your grocery list? Also, make sure that if you do stockpile that you are buying items that you will actually use. If you don't eat rice, stocking up on cheap rice makes no sense. 

Tip # 5: Make couponing a thing

With the rising cost of groceries, clipping coupons and price matching should become part of your regular grocery buying habit. Why buy something for full price if you don't have to? Keep a pouch or a section in your purse or your car when you can put your coupons so that you don't forget them at home. Even better are coupons that are accessible on your phone with such apps as save.ca or Checkout51 Also, take advantage of your local grocery store in store flyers or online versions to see what is on sale.