Does my small business need a website?

5 Reasons why every business needs a website

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It is hard to imagine that in late 2022 going into 2023 that some small businesses do not have a website. Although not a big trend, there are still small businesses out there that believe that they do not need a website. That having just a phone number or having a physical location makes a website redundant. We get that putting a website together is sometimes costly, especially if you go out into the marketplace to find a website developer. If you are reading this article and you don't have a website, here are 5 Reasons why every business needs a website including yours.

1. A website is a salesperson that doesn't sleep

Having a website is like having an extra salesperson that does not sleep. When you have a website, customers or potential customers have the ability to browse and research about your company at any hour and make informed decisions. Having a website allows your company to work at selling to the customer even when you are asleep- It is available to customers and potential customers 24/7.

NLG Pro Tip: Content is king when trying to rank higher on Google. Update your website on a daily or weekly basis or a schedule that you know you can keep up with. Adding a blog is a great way to create constant new content. Watch this video on how to create a blog on your Strikingly website.

2. A website is relatively easy to set-up

Gone are the days where you have to know coding to create a website. Take our website for example, completely done without having to know any kind of coding. We used the Strikingly platform, which is a click and edit platform that allowed us to create our website in under 20 minutes. Now that's easy! Here are 6 must have reasons why we love strikingly. One of which is the affordability that the Strikingly platform offers. For under $20/month, we have a very robust and super functioning website. Also, it is important to try a platform that will allow you to build your website risk free- no credit card needed.

NLG Pro Tip: Use a platform with multiple template options. Especially options that closely match your vision. Watch this video on how to select or change the template on your Strikingly website.

3. A website is great at showcasing

A website is a great way for you to really showcase your products and services. A way for you to highlight your bestsellers or make recommendations to customers or potential customers. You can do this with just a few clicks. This will allow you to give the people coming to your website an opportunity to see what you offer in the light you want it presented.

NLG Pro Tip: Add as many pictures as possible with different angles especially if you sell a physical product. Watch this video on how to add a store or products to your Strikingly website.

4. A website is the ultimate Q and A advisor

Adding an FAQ section on your website is a great way for you to answer frequently asked questions without having to do it over the phone or in person. It is a great way to squash common objections and convert a prospect into a customer.

NLG Pro tip: Always add to your FAQ's as new questions come up about your product or services. The bigger the FAQ's the better of an adviser it becomes. Watch this video on how to create a FAQ section to your Strikingly website.

5. A website can be a lead magnet

Imagine prospects coming to your website and filling out information about themselves and inviting you to contact them. Having a website can help you generate warm and hot leads. If someone fills out a form on your website and invites you to contact them or stay in touch with them, that is a beautiful thing. It means that they are at least interested in what you have to offer.

NLG Pro tip: Always have a form on your website to allow customers or potential customers to contact you. Watch this video on how to create a contact us form or page on your Strikingly website.

To conclude, the answer to whether every business needs a website is yes. Whether you are small, medium or large, a website is like a secret salesperson. It works for your business even when you are sleeping. They are relatively easy to setup and can be inexpensive to have, this is the case with such platforms as Strikingly which can give you a professional presence without the high price.